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Dolphin Carpentry

The Brief

As a new start-up. This construction company approached Amadoo for assistance with the naming and branding of the business.

Once a name had been decided, the company would need a full visual identity and guidance on the usage of the brand assets, as well as strategy.

In addition, we would need to create vehicle livery, a website and social media assets to support the promotion of the business.


Brand Strategy
Web Development
Social Media
Collection of branded stationary for Dolphin Carpentry
Mock up of Dolphin Carpentry logo design

THE solution

Because of the location of the business, in Poole, Dorset. It was decided that the name of the business would be Dolphin Carpentry. (Dolphins have a strong connection with Poole).

As we developed the logo it was important to us not to have a dolphin as the main element. Although research showed that there were no competitors with a similar name or logo, there are a lot of businesses in Poole that have a dolphin reference.

The final logo uses colours which represent water and the skin of a dolphin. The hexagonal shape represents construction, being the most efficient building structure in nature, whilst being strong and pleasing to the eye. Within the hexagon is a tail flipper. The tail of a dolphin is distinctive enough (along with the text stating the company name) to allow you to make the connection, whilst not having to have the stereotypical dolphin shape we were trying to avoid. The typeface used is bold and structural, reinforcing the feeling of strength which is reflective of the service a carpenter provides.

Stationery has been kept simple and clean, with a suggestion of honeycomb pattern in small areas. Vehicle livery was also kept very simple and clear.


Dolphin Carpentry have had a very good few years and now boast a large customer base. The new visual brand identity, paired with the work ethic and standard which are paramount as part of the brand identity have all played a part in this companies success. The logo and other visual assets remain distinctive and identifiable and Dolphin Carpentry are certainly making waves in this market.

Enamel mugs with the Dolphin Carpentry brand printed on them
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