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Here in the UK approximately 660,000 new companies are registered every year. However, these businesses are by no means guaranteed success. Only 40% of businesses make it beyond the three-year mark.

Starting a successful business requires planning and preparation. Before you launch, you need to build a strong foundation that details your idea and unique value proposition, how you will structure and market your business and how you will set up your business finances.

As soon as you are clear on what your business will do, you will need to choose a name. Then, you'll have to start building your brand. To begin with, a logo is essential, and as things progress you will add to your brand assets with stationery, website, branded clothing etc. But remember, these steps you take at an early stage will need to be well thought out because everything else will be built upon them. Just like a house will need a strong foundation on which to build everything.

Enlisting the help of a brand agency from the offset is a great way to help increase your chances of building a strong, engaging brand which will stand the test of time and be successful

Around 60% of new businesses fail in the first 3 years. around 14% of them fail due to poor marketing.

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Our range of services are suitable for new and existing businesses alike, but as a start-up business, you will likely need a more specific type of support. Cost is usually a major factor in the early stages and we understand that many start-ups won't have unless budgets at their disposal.
Whilst all of our services are available to any business, we also provide packages tailored specifically to the needs and budgets of start-ups.

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