Visual Identity

Live Action Leather

The Brief

To create a visual identity, appropriate for a hand-made leather craft company. The identity would need to appeal to a market that is creative and passionate about this niche offering.

The nature of the business would require that the logo be flexible enough to be used in print, as well as having the option to be pressed into leather or even burned into wood etc.


Logo Design

Stationery Design

Social Media Graphics

Brand logo shown as a print from a rubber stamp
Logo printed onto textured, recycled paper

THE solution

Due to the influence of Viking era design in a lot for the products made by Live Action Leather, it was appropriate to introduce aspects of this into the brand. The logo features a Norse runic symbol and slightly imperfect edges to emphasise the hand-made, traditional nature of the brand. The full-colour logo also displays a subtle pattern to represent the hammered steel appearance of some Viking artefacts. These elements unite to evoke a feeling of strength and masculinity which perfectly suits the brand and its influence.

Drawing textures and colours from natural elements such as leather, iron and stone, the brand reflects the primitive nature of the skills used in the past, and which continue to be used to this day.


With everything considered we end up with a brand identity which clearly speaks to its audience. An audience who are as passionate about the eras they are recreating, as our client is. People who enjoy cosplay, or reenactments, love to know their clothing is as authentic as possible, so knowing products made by Live Action Leather are hand-made to your specific order is important. This brand identity reflects these values and provides a unique and identifiable image for the brand going forward.

Logo debossed into leather using a a brass stamp
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