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VeriSmart Inventories

The Brief

VeriSmart Inventories approached us to produce stationery and design their new website. As the project progressed we were also required to produce a booklet for franchisees and a logo for a new product/feature that they offer to their franchisees.

The new product 'Iron' is an online feature which helps the user create the literature then need.


Web Design
Marketing Collateral
Logo Design

Arrangement of franchisee booklets showing the cover and the inside pages
Stack of VeriSmart business cards showing front and back

THE solution

To create the Iron logo we needed to be sympathetic to the overall brand. This logo will be part of the brand, and will regularly be seen alongside the company's main logo and colours.

The final logo is a simple 3D representation of an I-beam. These are used in construction and are made of metal. The shape of the I-beam obviously mirrors the initial letter of the product name, but in addition the top of the beam has a graphical representation of a document (like you would see on a computer program when you save or open a document). The whole image takes the form of a hexagon and is enclosed within a solid hexagonal background making it easier to place where needed. Then below, is the name 'Iron' written in a bold, strong typeface, with a slightly modern feel to represent the technical (computer-based) focus of the company.


As a result of the website and booklet, VeriSmart were able to reach a large audience with their franchises and educate them of the benefits.

The logo was well received and fits well into the over all brand offering.

A piece of paper curled up to reveal the 'Iron' logo
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