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Via Veneto

The Brief

Salterns Harbourside Hotel is a small hotel within the Salterns Marina in Liliput, Dorset. Just a a few minutes walk from Sandbanks. The surrounding population are generally very affluent and largely enjoy eating out frequently.

We were tasked with rebranding their current restaurant with something recongnisable and distinctly different from the current style. Prior to this rebrand the restaurant was branded as a seafood restaurant and had a playful style. It was the intention of the owner to make the rebrand more grown-up and avoid the reference to seafood, whilst still reflecting the coastal location, as well as a largely Italian themed menu.

The logo and brand would then be carried through to various collateral and literature appropriate to such an establishment.


Logo Design
Example of menu, compliment slip and note pads
Mock up of Via Veneto business card placed on a vintage book

THE solution

The Italian theme was a clear starting point for us and through discussions with the owner we decided on the name 'Via Veneto'. Veneto meaning Venice in Italian, which is world renowned as a city on the water, making it evoke thoughts of the coast. Via, is the Italian word for road, so the name essentially means 'Road to Venice'.

The choice of type and colours are all dictated by the Italian influence. The type is clean and has a classic, continental feel to it. Helping to tie the mature and Italian themes together without being stereotypically Italian. The colours essentially come from the Italian flag, but are altered to simultaneously reflect a more mature, muted palette as well as mirroring some of the more Italian ingredients in the food that will be served. Tomatoes sauces, wine, basil, and pestos etc. Red becomes a warm, rich maroon, and green becomes much more earthy and soft.

Finally, it was determined that the strap line 'at Salterns Harbourside Hotel' would be added to some versions of the logo, predominantly ones being used off the premises to help inform the public of its location. The restaurant would have its own identity, but it is still part of the hotel complex and is only accessible via the hotel itself.


The new brand was very well received at launch and customers, staff and owner were all delighted with the new look as feel. Within weeks of the launch, talk of the new brand drew in a number of new customers and the menu did not disappoint.

Both simple and clean, the logo is very recognisable and serves to identify and differentiate the business from its competitors.

Chef preparing food
Example of branded match boxes for promotion
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