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The value that people attribute to the usefulness of a brand can differ greatly. Some believe the act of branding to be insignificant and a waste of time and money, others consider it to be vital, and many believe that it is a worthwhile activity but a waste of money unless you are a bigger organisation with deep pockets.

All of these opinions are both true and not true depending on your position. The fact is, your business will develop a brand on its own and your customers will begin to form their opinions of it from their first interaction. There is no way to stop that, so we merely guide their opinions by making sure your business presents itself in a way that you want to be percieved.

The activity of building your brand awareness can be done for a comparatively small cost, so your ongoing expenses each year don’t have to differ much from what you currently spend. But for this to be as effective as possible, you would be best served by getting a strong brand identity developed for you at the beginning, and devising a strategy to ensure you have a very clear plan. Kind of like a road map for your future activity.

Once your brand identity is set out, it is easier to move forward with a consistent message and look, which will strengthen your brand, helping with recognition.

When people say that branding activities should be reserved for the larger companies with bigger budgets, they are specifically referring to activities that are only brand focused. Like the many Christmas adverts we see on TV, such as Coca Cola, or John Lewis. These don’t specifically sell anything, they are simply implanting their brand name in your mind and encouraging you to form a connection to them and whatever message they are giving.

Whilst it is true that these kind of brand activities are certainly more suited to larger companies. There are many activities you can perform daily, that can support your brand development and help with opinion forming and recognition. Something as simple as good customer service in the spirit of the defined brand guide can help, as well as regular social media posts consistent with the brand and the approved message style.

Done well, this can have the same effect as the high cost tv campaigns, just on a smaller scale. Which is fine because you will still have results, and you haven’t spent a penny on them anyway.

A BRAND represents a person’s perception of a product, service, experience, advertising and logo


Develop your brand

When we talk about building a brand, we are actually talking about many different services and activities coming together to create the brand experience that best suits your business.

how WE CAN help

build your brand

To create the best possible brand for your business, we need to really know you.
What you do, why you do it, how you do it, where you do it, what you stand for... these are all important questions we will need to answer before we even put pencil to paper.

We need to understand what makes you tick so that every aspect of your brand experience screams the personality you want to project, and leads your audience to form the same opinions.

Through discovery sessions with your team, we will form a picture of your business, your audience and the marketplace in which it operates. This is followed by extensive research to learn more, and results in cleverly crafted concepts which we will develop to give you a brand that not only will you be proud of, but more importantly, will set you up for success and help your customers resonate with it.

From here on it's up to you to build on this and continue to put forward the best version if your brand.


Your logo design is the core of your visual identity

Your brand needs a logo to identify it, but more than that, the introduction of a brand strategy will help position your brand within your market. Get it right and your brand will become instantly recognisable.
As professional logo designers and brand developers we can craft a unique logo for your brand, or take it another step further to develop a complete brand experience.

WE CAN HELP CRAFT An effective brand experience and eye-catching visual identity

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Dolphin Carpentry Logo



Different sized business require different levels of logo design or brand development.
Smaller, local start-up businesses may not require a branding package, more likely just requiring a bespoke logo design. However, medium size companies often benefit from a branding package. Usually, as a result of the business growing and evolving.
We have a range of packages, which can be tailored to suit your needs and budgets.

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Stationery Package

The first printed material any business needs

Your branded stationery ensures a professional appearance and creates a consistent look when dealing with potential and existing clients. Our stationery package includes any 3 of the following items, to suit your needs:

  • Letterheads
  • Desk Pad
  • Compliment Slips
  • Envelopes
  • Merchandise Item
  • Appointment Cards
  • Business Cards (2 names)

You can add additional items if required, and we can arrange printing of your stationery on your behalf, to save you time and ensure a quality product.


Brand Guidelines

Your user manual to keeping your brand consistent

Using your logo and other brand assets is essential if you want your brand to be consistent. Our logo and brand packages come complete with guides that are appropriate to the package you have purchased.
As the project becomes more complex, the guide must include more detail. A simple logo only requires a guide on how and where to use it. Alternatively, our brand identity package includes information about the typefaces used, logo placement, and more.

We can also create guidelines for your existing logo if you need it updating, or if you never had one in the first place.


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Stack on VeriSmart business cards showing front and back


Business Cards

VeriSmart Inventories

Collection of branded stationery for 'Dolphin Carpentry'


Brand Stationery

Dolphin Carpentry

Collection of branded stationery for 'Blur Pebble Money'


Brand Stationery

Blue Pebble

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